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Data is a powerful weapon in today’s world and gone are the days of CD, PD and similar hardware devices as we have a better and an appropriate way of storing data. Moreover, online storage provides you a convenience of easy access anywhere and anytime. Cloud storage has an outstanding facility of unlimited storage, at certain cost. IDrive is an excellent service that is available across various platforms such as Windows, Mac, android and even on Linux. You can choose online sync option in IDrive that enables you to backup data while you are connected to internet. In this article, we have shared help on IDrive download, IDrive installation, IDrive update, and more. You can read the article to find solution to IDrive issues or you can even call on the number provided on this website, you will be connected to an independent third party service provider. The executives will answer all your queries. Let us move to the IDrive download and installation process.idrive support

IDrive >> Download and Installation of IDrive

IDrive is an online storage application that can be easily downloaded on your device. It supports different Operating Systems and can be accessed on them. If you want to back up your data, and are eager to access it online from anywhere, IDrive download is required.

How to download and install IDrive?

Below are the steps for downloading and installation of IDrive application: –

  • Visit your browser and enter “download IDrive”
  • Tap on the first link
  • Or you can simply tap on the link –
  • Scroll below to find out the download option according to your device
  • Tap on “Windows” for Desktop and similarly tap on Mac, Linux, Unix for the respective devices. Website also provides link for iPhone and Android devices
  • Once you tap on the respective device, download will automatically begin
  • Tap on the downloaded file and click on “Run”
  • Follow the prompts and tap on “install” for IDrive installation

You are now ready to explore IDrive. Now, that you have downloaded the application you can begin backing up your data. Let us move to the next part where we will share steps to sign in to IDrive.idrive installation

How to create account at IDrive?

IDrive works on the mechanism similar like Google Drive, iCloud and One Drive. First you need to create an account on IDrive Application.  The process is pretty straightforward: –

  • Launch IDrive application on your device
  • Enter first Name and Last Name
  • Fill in your email ID and create a password
  • Next step is to enter your Country code and Phone number
  • Enter few more information like Billing address, Country, State, Zip Code etc.
  • Agree to the “Pricing Terms”
  • Click on “Create my account”

You can enter a promo code, if you have one, to save a few bucks.

Your IDrive account is created, let us move to the next part.

Official IDrive Support Numbers

Official Verizon numbers are shared in this part. You can refer to the article for Verizon support. However, if you want official IDrive support, you can call on the numbers provided in this section. These numbers have been made available through online sources. However, these contacts can be changed by the owners due to any discrepancies. Kindly make sure to verify before proceeding.

IDrive support number 1-855-410-2116
IDrive customer care number 1-855-815-8706
IDrive help desk email [email protected]

idrive help

How to backup and sync data on IDrive?

IDrive offers you free 5 GB of storage that can be extended up to 10,000 GB with paid plans. There are 2 ways to backup data in online cloud devices. You can manually drag and drop files or folders. Second method is to sync IDrive to auto update.

How to backup data for IDrive?

 Below are the steps to backup data for IDrive: –

  • Launch the IDrive app on your device
  • Enter your email ID and password
  • Tap on the “backup” option
  • Here, you can select files or folder to upload

This completes your manual data backup for IDrive.

How to Sync IDrive with your device?

If you want to save yourself from the hassle of backing up your data individually, one by one and want your data to be auto saved, you can set the data to auto backup or sink. If you want to sync your data to IDrive and don’t have idea about how to sync IDrive, don’t worry, we have step by step guide for you.

Following are the steps to sync IDrive: –

  • Go to IDrive application
  • Enter your Username and Password
  • Tap on the second option “Sync”
  • Or you can right click on the IDrive application
  • Tap on “My cloud drive folder”
  • You can access files in the Cloud Drive folder
  • Select “Start Sync” in order to sync data on IDrive
  • Pause/Resume option can be used to resume or pause sync operation
  • Recently added or removed items can be viewed through “Recently modified items”

Here, we have shown you how to enable sync mode on IDrive and some features for IDrive are also explained here.

How to update IDrive? >> IDrive update

Update ensures new features and fixed bugs. How to update IDrive is shown in this part. Basically, IDrive update is not a separate process. In order to update IDrive, you need to follow IDrive download and IDrive installation process. idrive update

  • Go to browser and enter IDrive download
  • Scroll down and select the respective device
  • Tap on “Download “IDrive”
    Download will automatically begin

This is how you follow IDrive update.

How to fix IDrive not working? >> IDrive issues

IDrive is an excellent application to keep your data secure. Despite of being helpful tool for cloud storage, IDrive can still face issues. Few of them and their solutions are listed below:-

  • If your internet is not working you cannot upload your files, and this can create barrier in smooth functioning of the software, kindly check your internet connection
  • IDrive provides 5 GB of free storage that can be filled with time. Kindly check your IDrive storage. If the storage is full, you have 2 options either you can delete the existing unimportant data or you can purchase a plan with high storage option
  • Login credentials are case sensitive, make sure you have entered correct account details to escape IDrive issues
  • Disable the third party applications as they can interfere with the app to create restrictions in backup

IDrive Support by Us

idrive contactIDrive is an online storage application with free 5 GB storage that can be extended to 10000 TB. In this write-up, we have delivered assistance for IDrive download, IDrive update, IDrive installation and IDrive support for IDrive issues. Kindly refer to the article for the IDrive problems. Call on the number provided here for telephonic IDrive support. Executives of independent third party will provide assistance for IDrive.