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yahoo mail supportYahoo is an American based service company. The headquarters are situated in California. It was founded in the year 1994 by David Filo and Jerry Yang. Yahoo was introduced in the early internet era which was an advantage for the company and this was the reason of Yahoo’s massive success in 1900’s. In 1996 Yahoo became a public Company and shares were offered to the public. After the public offering share rose 600% within a span of 2 years. Later Yahoo became popular for its search engine and Yahoo directory. Yahoo search engine got 95 million page views in a day.

Yahoo mail started in 1997, after Yahoo acquired Rocket Mail and named it as Yahoo Mail. In 2008 Microsoft made an offer of $44.6 billion which Yahoo Rejected and stated that Microsoft undervalued Yahoo Mail. In this article we have offered you a guide on Yahoo sign up, Yahoo login, Yahoo mail issues, how to change Yahoo password, Yahoo mail issues and more. Therefore, you can refer to the article to find solution for any of the Yahoo mail issues.  If you are stuck somewhere then you can call on the number provided to connect to a technical expert. When you call on this number you will be connected to an executive of independent third party. They will provide you solution for your queries.

How to sign up for Yahoo email? >> Yahoo sign up help

Create Yahoo email process is simple and easy to follow. With Yahoo Mail you can get up to 1terabyte of online storage with message folders and you can even search for Mails. To enjoy these facilities of Yahoo once you have completed Yahoo sign up. Create Yahoo account with the quick guide provided by independent third party.

yahoo sign upTo create account on Yahoo or to sign up for Yahoo mail follows these easy steps:-

Yahoo mail create account help

Visit your browser and type for Yahoo create account

  • Tap on the sign-up Yahoo option on the top
  • Enter your Name for Create Yahoo email
  • Add in your Date of Birth and Gender
  • Hit on “Continue” for Yahoo sign up
  • Now, enter your phone number
  • This step is taken to confirm your account
  • Once you add your mobile number you will receive One Time Password on your phone
  • Put in the OTP you have received
  • With this step Yahoo sign up create account has been completed

Yahoo signup has been completed and Yahoo mail create account help has been provided.

How to proceed with Yahoo email login? >> Yahoo signing help

Yahoo email login is pretty easy but first you have to create an account at Yahoo Mail. If you haven’t yet made an account on Yahoo and don’t know how to do so then you can refer to the above part of the article. Let us now proceed with the Yahoo email login. Follow these easy steps to login at email login

How to create a Yahoo account?

  • Visit official Yahoo email page via browser
  • Or simply hit on this link
  • Tap on Yahoo login
  • Put in your Yahoo ID for Yahoo email login
  • You can also enter your Username or Mobile number
  • Click on “Next”
  • If you want to keep signed in then checkmark on “Stay signed in”
  • Now write your password making sure that the Caps Lock is off

 As soon as you click on Sign in you have successfully completed Yahoo login

Yahoo signin help has been provided

How to recover Yahoo password? >> Forgot Yahoo email password help

If you have forgot Yahoo email password and don’t know how to recover Yahoo password, don’t worry we have got you sorted. You can easily recover Yahoo password with these easy steps:-

forgot yahoo email passwordYahoo account recovery

Visit and go to Yahoo login page

  1. Enter your Username
  2. Tap on “Next”
  3. After that you will be asked to enter your Password
  4. Under the password field you could “Forgot password?” option to recover Yahoo password
  5. Click on “Forgot password” if you want help related to forgot my Yahoo email password
  6. You will be asked to enter your alternate email ID or Mobile number
  7. You will be sent a code on the either option you have chosen
  8. Enter the code for forgot Yahoo email password
  9. Once you have entered the code now you will be shown password reset page
  10. Here you have to choose a new password
  11. Re-enter the password and your query of how to recover Yahoo password will be answered

You have successfully recovered Yahoo password with this easy guide

Yahoo account recovery alternate method

  • Alternatively, you can tap on this official link
  • This is the official sign in helper
  • Choose the recover Yahoo password option from the list
  • Click on “Continue”
  • Now, you have to follow some instructions
  • Follow the instructions and choose a new password
  • Click on “Continue”

You have completed recover Yahoo password process.

How to change Yahoo password? >> Change Yahoo password help

You might want to change Yahoo password due to security reasons. It is advisable to change Yahoo password from time to time in order to protect your account from hackers. Changing your Yahoo password is a healthy habit to keep your account safe. If you are searching “how to change Yahoo password?” we have found the solution to your question you can refer to these steps to find solution to this email change password

Yahoo mail change password for Android

  • Go to Yahoo Mail app on your device
  • Click on the 3 dot menu at the top
  • Select “Manage Account” from the list
  • Now if you have multiple accounts signed in to your device then select the account for which you want to change Yahoo password
  • Choose “Account Info” option
  • Hit on “Security settings”
  • Fill in your password
  • Choose option ‘Change password’
  • Select “I would rather change my password”
  • Choose a new password and enter that
  • In the next field re-enter your password
  • Click on ‘Continue’

You have found answer to “how to change Yahoo password”

Yahoo mail change password for Desktop/ Laptop

  • Visit Yahoo Mail official website
  • Sign in to Yahoo Mail
  • Enter your email address and current password
  • Tap on sign in
  • Select your name and then choose “Account info”
  • Choose “Account security option”
  • Here, again you have to enter email ID and current password
  • Now, you could see Change password link click on that
  • Click on “Change password”
  • Type in your new password and re-enter it
  • Tap on “Continue”

Your password will be changed. “How to change password” help is provided.

Yahoo support official numbers

In this section of the article we will share official Yahoo support if you are searching for it. You are provided official Yahoo email support in this article. You can refer to this article for Yahoo support email for all Yahoo issues. Although if you are still searching for the Yahoo support official number, call on the number provided. We have searched for these numbers through reliable online sources. However, if these numbers change by the owner we are not held responsible for that. We recommend verifying these contacts before proceeding. These numbers are provided for Yahoo help. Therefore if you are searching for Yahoo help or how do I contact Yahoo by phone? And want to contact Yahoo then you can call on these numbers for Yahoo official help

Yahoo tech support
Contact Yahoo support 800-305-7664

How to make Yahoo SMTP settings? >> Yahoo mail not working help

Yahoo had been an immensely popular email service provider. It was started in the initial days of the internet. Even though it has millions of subscribers it can still face some issues. You have to make Yahoo IMAP settings which could solve “Yahoo Mail is not working” issue.

Yahoo Mail not working on iPhone

If Yahoo Mail is not working on iPhone there can be many reasons for the same. If your internet is not working properly you might face Yahoo mail problems. You might be wondering why is Yahoo mail not working if you are using an outdated version of the browser. Try deleting your browser history and cache for Yahoo mail not working. If all these methods don’t work then you can make Yahoo SMTP setting and IMAP setting for Yahoo mail. These manual settings will solve why is Yahoo mail not working issue. Follow these steps to make IMAP setting for Yahoo mail.

  • Go to settings from iPhone
  • Select Mail Contacts Calendar
  • Choose “Accounts” for Yahoo SMTP settings
  • Under Accounts select Yahoo from the various options available
  • Now enter your Yahoo account credentials
  • Enter your Yahoo email address and password
  • Select Yahoo mail SMTP settings which is Outgoing Server settings
  • Under Server in Hostname enter
  • In the Port no. Select 465
  • Under encryption select SSL
  • Write your Yahoo email under SMTP Username
  • Under SMTP Password enter your Mail password
  • For Incoming Mail Server settings that is IMAP setting for Yahoo mail
  • Under Server Hostname select
  • In Port choose 995
  • Encryption should be again TLS/SSL
  • Tap on save and you have completed Yahoo mail SMTP settings

Yahoo mail not working on iPhone problem will be solved.

yahoo mail not working

Yahoo mail not working on android

If Yahoo mail not working on android follow these steps-

  1. Open Menu in your android device
  2. Search for Mail
  3. Open Mail and select Yahoo (Yahoo mail app for android phone)
  4. Enter your account credentials
  5. That is your email ID and password
  6. Select Account then select IMAP settings
  7. Enter in IMAP setting for Yahoo mail
  8. Select 995 in Port and SSL in encryption
  9. Under SMTP enter
  10. In the Port section select 465 and SSL
  11. Save this information

This completes your Yahoo IMAP settings and will solve Yahoo mail not working on android issue.

yahoo support

Yahoo Support by Us

In this article we have provided Yahoo Support by delivering the steps requires for various Yahoo issues. If you are searching for the Yahoo help then you can refer to the article. Everything has been explained step by step in this article. However, if you are still having some trouble in executing these steps, you can call on the number on your computer screen. You will be connected to an independent third party customer care executive. They will pick up the call and will provide a satisfactory solution to your problem.